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Express translations without surcharge

We still live at a time, when a quality translation must be performed manually. A great part of the translation work has been taken over by various auto translators, but these have still not achieved such quality, which would make them 100% reliable. In case of contracts, presentations and other vital documents, where every word matters, it is necessary to use a professional translator.

Standard translation speed, where top quality can be guaranteed is about 5 Standard Pages, i.e. within 24 hours. A maximum daily volume a translator can het done in a day is 5 Stadard Pages. Anything beyond this volume can be done once in a while, but even so it does create an environment for errors. Do you have a text to translate, which exceeds the maximum translator volume for 1 day? Well, then get ready to pay a large sum of money, because most agencies offer express translations with surcharges of up ti 200% of the pricelist price.

The only solutiom is to slplit the text between multiple translators and this isd a detriment to the uality of the final text. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but the final product is always of lower quality than when a single person is working on the text. You as a customer get your text back in time, yes, but pay twice as much for half the quality.

Not with us. Due to the above stated facts we never did charge and are not planning to start charging express surchargers for lower quality. Do you need a translation fast? We guarantee a unified price regardless of your tume strain. Translations of 1-3 Standard Pages can be returned to you without an extra charge as soon as the same day, Just fillout the form and we'll get back to you within 15 minutes. Longer delay would be an exception.