Our basic pricelist of services

Languages - group 1 - in combination with Czech

English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, Romanian, Albanian.

CZK 440 / 1 SP


Proofreading prices cannot be specified in advance. Sometimes all is needed are few cosmetic changes, another time we need to rewrite entire paragraphs. Price cannot be therefore quoted prior to an analysis.

starting at

 CZK 150/ 1 SP

Other languages

Price of the languages is hard to define. We always try to find an appropriate translator for your specific topic and offer you the best possible price.

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Certified translations

Performed by court appointed translators. Generally cannot be perfrmed online only and thus completion deadlines are a little longer.

CZK +150 / 1 SP


Applicable for group 1 languages. Half day (up to 4 hrs) = 70% of price

CZK 4 000 / 1 D

Other pricelists

Prices per word, in Euros, Dollars and other language combinations