Translations by native speakers

We provide translations using exclusively native speakers and this is our competitive advantage. Translations by native speakers are our specialty. It doesn't make any sense to use a Czech native speaker to prepare text for English speaking countries.

Often translations are not performed by native speakers and despite the translator being a professional and charges you money for his/her services, the resulting translation may not have the desired effect abroad. Sometimes even on the contrary. You should rely on translation quality based on the knowledge and feel of a native speaker.

We perform translations exclusively in close cooperation and based on consultation with you. A translation must not be considered something that anybody could purchase at a corner convenient store or even cheaper at a supermarket. Translations are performed personally and with great care on the side of the translator. We take your translations seriously and place the highest importance on them. If our approach was any different, then it would be better for you to simply use Google Translator.

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